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Netafim Pre-set Pressure Regulators

Non-adjustable, spring regulated pressure regulators go directly inline, reducing the pressure on the downstream to the set amount, regardless of the inlet pressure. Regulators are sized based on flow rate, see description below for more information.

Size # of RUs Flow Rate Price
3/4” 1 6-20 GPM $16.75
1-1/2” 2 12-40 GPM $38.00
2” x 4 4 24-80 GPM $82.00
2” x 6 6 36-120 GPM $175.00
3” 10 60-400 GPM $320.00



Pressure is controlled by preset regulating units (RU) that screw into the regulator body.

Inside each RU is a spring that absorbs the force of the water without restricting the flow.

Each RU is capable of regulating between 6-20 gpm. The larger sizes have more RUs to handle a typical flow rate in that diameter hose.

Pressures Available:

12 PSI              35 PSI

15 PSI              50 PSI

20 PSI              65 PSI

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