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Gift Boxes for Apples

Description Price
Single Layer Box   (white, no print) $1.80
Single Layer Shipping Sleeve  (kraft) $1.40
Double Layer Box   (white, no print) $2.70
Double Layer Sleeve  (kraft) $1.90
14-Count Foam Tray $3.00
18-Count Foam Tray $3.15
3/8″ Foam Pad $0.90
3/4″ Foam Pad $1.40



  • A great way to safely ship apples as a gift!
  • A single layer box consists of a single 14-count or 18-count foam tray and two pads for the top and bottom, in either a thick 3/4” pad or a 3/8” pad.
  • A double layer box is a combination of two foam trays and three pads of your choosing.
  • The sleeve is optional and used specifically for shipping, keeping the box clean and added protection while shipping.
  • Foam trays and pads are medium gray in color



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