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T-Sack Bags

Traditional ” thank you ” style T-sack poly bags are the “crunchy” material.

Corn t-sack is a 6 mil bag, sturdy enough for a full dozen ears of corn.

The “clear liner” bags are are smooth plastic, extra thick to hold weight.

Size Description Fits Box Qty Price
1/10th Mini T-Sack Quart 1500 $26
1/8th Plain 2 & 4- Quart 1000 $19
1/6th Thank-you Grocery Size 1000 $22
1/6th Corn, heavy-duty Grocery Size 1000 $89
Peck Clear Liner Peck 500 $110
1/2 Bu Clear Liner 1/2 Bushel 350 $135





Exempt from the plastic bag ban 12007-02-8:

“This prohibition does not apply to… (iii) a plastic bag used solely to package bulk items, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, or grains”