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SuperDos Fertilizer Injector

The MiniDos & SuperDos injectors are adjustable ratio water-driven pumps, ranging from 1%- 2.5% concentrations. Ideal for greenhouse situation where fertilizer being used varies in concentration applications and precision is necessary.

Unit Max GPM Price
MiniDos 12 $546
SuperDos20 20 $610
SuperDos30 30 $825
SuperDos45 40 $1,150


Replacement Parts:

Model Description Price
MiniDos Kit C $29.75
MiniDos Kit E $97.00
MiniDos Kit H $277.00
SuperDos Kit A $16.65
SuperDos Kit B $25.10
SuperDos Kit C $42.00
SuperDos Kit D $40.70
SuperDos Kit F– SD30 $112.50


MiniDos & SuperDos injectors can be adjusted from 1%-2.5%, facilitated by a water driven pump.

  • To adjust, simply turn the sleeve on the pump stem until the white bar is at the level of injection desired.
  • Certified technical assistance available.
  • Rebuild Kits available.

It is strongly recommended to have repairs done by our trained technician as replacements parts are sensitive and can be damaged easily.