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Pump Primer Valve

Attach on pump discharge via a tee, this hand primer is used to manually prime pump suction hose. A long handled lever gives you effective leverage to easily fill suction line with minimal effort.

Unit Size Intake Pipe Sizes Unit Price Diaphragm Only Price
5” 2”, 3”, 4” $210 $64
7” 3”, 4” , 6” $406 $82
9” 4”, 6” , 8” $583 $107


  • An air pump mounted on the intake of the water pump that creates vacuum suction in a centrifugal pump priming line and pulls water up into the pump to prime it.
  • Typically mounted on pump discharge using a tee with a ball valve and then primer valve.
  • Saves a lot of time and hassle to get suction line primed.
  • Replacement diaphragms available.


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