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Netafim Pressure Compensating Emitters

Netafims Woodpecker Jr is a dime-sized pressure compensating emitter that punches directly into a low density PE tubing line.


Flow Rate Configuration Price Price Bag of 250
.5 GPH Barb x Barb $.30 $62.50
.5 GPH Barb x Nipple $.30 $62.50
1 GPH Barb x Barb $.30 $62.50
1 GPH Barb x Nipple $.30 $62.50
2 GPH Barb x Barb $.30 $62.50
2 GPH Barb x Nipple $.30 $62.50






Netafims Woodpecker Jr is a pressure compensating emitter that  punches directly into a low density PE tubing line. These dime-sized emitters maintain a consistent drip rate regardless of the pressure behind them, making the application rate uniform.It has many uses including:

  • Punched into PE line to make customized spacing or placement of drippers.
  • Paired with 4-way mum pot dripper, use the barb x nipple style.
  • Used in EZ Close pot dripper assemblies for hanging baskets, use the barb x barb style.

There are two different styles of Woodpecker Jr’s. The ‘barb x barb’ punches directly into mainline to connect the spaghetti tubing.

The ‘barb x nipple’ punches directly into mainline and then connects to a 4-way fitting.

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