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Mazzei Injector

The Mazzei injector is a basic venturi style injector, facilitated by back pressure to create suction. It requires no moving parts, but rather harnesses a simple law of physics and water hydraulics. Ideal for orchard situations where concentration precision is not necessary, its best application is when fertilizer is measured based on volume/weight per acre.

We usually mount these in a bypass manifold inserted directly into the mainline of the system, so when fertigation is desired its a simple flip of some valves and water is rerouted through injector. Call for pricing on your individual combination of mainline and Mazzei size.


Size Flow Rate Price
½” Mazzei & Suction Hose 2-9 GPM $105
¾”  Mazzei & Suction Hose 9-50 GPM $120
1” Mazzei & Suction Hose 16-80 GPM $180
1-½” Mazzei & Suction Hose 34-150 GPM $190