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DIG Controllers

DIG controller’s offer a simple, cost effective solution for automation up to 6 zones (Stations).

  • There are 3 kinds of controllers available; a simple digital interface with control buttons in either battery or solar powered, and a battery powered blue tooth controller set and changed with an App on your smart phone.
  • Multi– station 400A series controllers are sold individually in combination with any size valve.

DIG Blue Tooth Battery Operated Controllers

410BT-000  $   74.50 controller only
410BT-000  $   82.00 with 3/4″ in-line valve
410BT-000  $   83.00 with 1″ in-line valve
410BT-000  $ 161.00 with 1.5″ in-line valve
410BT-000  $ 183.00 with 2″ in-line valve


DIG LEIT -1 Solar powered Controllers

LEIT-1  $   83.00 controller only
LEIT-1 IL-075  $   98.00 with 3/4″ in-line valve
LEIT-1 IL-100  $ 103.00 with 1″ in-line valve
LEIT-1 IL-150  $ 195.00 with 1.5″ in-line valve
LEIT-1 IL-200  $ 215.00 with 2″ in-line valve


DIG 400A Battery Operated Controllers

400A-000  $   73.00 controller only
400A-075  $   83.00 with 3/4″ in-line valve
400A-100  $   84.00 with 1″ in-line valve
400A-150  $ 166.00 with 1.5″ in-line valve
400A-200  $ 178.00 with 2″ in-line valve


Valves with Solenoid Only

305DC-075  $ 43.00 3/4″ FPT
305DC-100  $ 43.00 1″ FPT
305DC-150 $101.00 1-1/2″ FPT
305DC-200  $ 107.00 2″ FPT


Multi-Station Controllers

720A-000  $ 87.00 2 station
740A-000  $ 110.00 4 station
760A-000 $ 119.00 6 station


Hose End Timer

BPHE-BT $ 46.00 For garden hose


400A Series
-Simple to program digital screen.
-Up to 5 irrigation events per day.
-Down to the minute precision.
-Irrigation days can be chosen individually, even/odd days, or cyclically.

LEIT-1 Series
-Ambient light (solar) powered for full sustainability that doesn’t need batteries or an AC power source.
– Same control functions as the 400A series controller.

410BT Series
-Bluetooth® battery operated controller pairs with DIG’s free BTT app for control and monitoring through your smartphone.
-Manual override button for spontaneous control without the app.
-Up to 30’ communication range, check or change scheduling from the comfort of your vehicle.

Multi-Station Controller
-Can be combined with any size solenoid valve.
-18 gauge, 2-wire connection needed.

Hose End Timer
-Garden hose thread on both ends can attach directly to yard hydrant.
-Bluetooth® connection provides all the functionality of DIG’s BTT app.